Let us Design your Team Building Activities.  

Ask us about our Rodeo 101 Interactive Training Game using authentic rodeo equipment and life-size animal statues.

Any ideas you may have of games you would like to play? We can probably make it happen for you!

Quick Draw Shootout

We dress you up as gunfighters and provide the prop guns, you face off and the fastest gunslinger wins!

Archery Range

We provide the straw bales, targets, bows, arrows, and a range marshall.

Tipi Building Contest

Teams compete against each other to see who can erect the tipi poles (and have them remain standing) first.  Here’s a challenge!   Poles and attendant provided.


We can provide you with casino tables, dealers, funny money and cards.

Yahoo! The Rodeo Roper

Yahoo is our Roper Horse.  He always comes accompanied by an attendant, to help your guests and to ensure the smooth operation of the Roper Horse.  Everyone’s a cowboy, or cowgirl, on this horse!  YA-HOO!!

Mini Rodeo Games

We have 4 different kinds – cow-chip chucking, cream-can ball toss, horseshoe toss and wooden cow roping.  Fun for all ages!

Mini Chuckwagon Races

We have 3 mini – chucks.   Each one requires 4 team members – a driver, 2 “horses” and a brakeman.  Each heat would need 12 players to run off.  We provide the wagons, the commentator (Joe Carbattery) and an official.  A perennial favourite!

Mad Trapper Snowshoe Race

We provide the snowshoes, play rifle in scabbard, pack sac with traps, etc.  Usually played in two teams of 6 or more.  Fall down fun!

Horse-Packing Contest

We provide the fibre-glass horses, pack saddles and assorted packing equipment.  Can be played with one or two horses (timed or contest).

Old Fashioned Picnic Games

Watermelon eating contest, tug of war, sack races, etc.

Carnival Games

An assortment of old-fashioned games. Call for info.

Three Person Plank Races

Using special “skis”, and an attendant.

Log Sawing Contest

Can be a timed event with one person participating at a time or a two person event, where the first person through the log wins.  It has also been done by two teams working on two logs, the first team finished, with each player sawing off a chunk each, wins!  Logs, saws, attendant and sawhorses provided.  Real rugged fun!

Ask us about our Logger Games!